Relux Desktop Validation Report
Test report on the validation of Relux Desktop 2019 against CIE 171:2006

Constantinos A. Bouroussis, Dimitrios T. Nikolaou, Frangiskos V. Topalis


This report includes the validation results of the software Relux Desktop 2019 against the technical report CIE171:2006 . CIE171 defines and proposes a set of several test cases in order to validate the calculations accuracy of a lighting simulation software.

Software under test

The software under test is Relux Desktop developed by Relux Informatik A.G, Switzerland. The software is available for free download at Relux website . Relux Desktop is capable for performing lighting calculations for indoor and outdoor installations including streets and tunnels. Both artificial and daylight calculations can be made using Relux Desktop. Relux Desktop supports two calculation engine types, Radiosity and Raytracing.


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Bouroussis C.A., Nikolaou D.T., Topalis F.V. "Test report on the validation of Relux Desktop 2019 against CIE 171:2006". Lighting Laboratory, National Technical University of Athens, May 2019

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