ECOSLIGHT Project: Environmentally Conscious Smart Lighting

The Lighting Laboratory of the National Technical University of Athens participates as partner in the ECOSLIGHT project.

The  ECOSLIGHT Project (Environmentally Conscious Smart Lighting)  supported by the European Framework of Erasmus+ / Sector Skills Alliances Programme, aims to enhance employability and improve the career prospects of lighting-related professionals, while also help businesses to find the right competences they need to increase their competitiveness.

The construction sector faces new challenges in order to provide smart, energy efficient and sustainable lighting environments for infrastructure, cities, buildings and the industry, in order to follow the 2050 low-carbon economy roadmap of the European Commission. Thanks to the growing demand for energy-efficient lighting systems, building on smart technologies, as well as the striving efforts to reduce the ecological footprint and at the same time promote healthy and safe living, the Smart Lightning Market is expected to grow at a 20%.Additionally, shifts to the digital economy and universal connectivity enabling the IoT will be dominant trends across industries in the coming three decades.

Therefore, there exists an imminent and growing need of lighting design skills that bring together lighting design and smart technologies, as well as skills that take into account ecological and human-centric issues on lighting systems in the connected world that we live in. Project outputs will directly benefit lighting-related professionals (e.g. architectures, engineers, decorators, ICT professionals, etc), as well as market companies, associations and social partners, municipalities and policy makers. Indirectly, the project will contribute to raising the quality of life of the general public, by enabling smart buildings and cities to provide enhanced lighting experiences.

ECOSLIGHT will identify a set of emerging job role profiles representing the current and future market (skills) needs. For each of them, a modular VET curriculum will be designed, applying a specific VET methodology based on learning outcomes and the principles of adult education, exploiting the potential of online, face-to-face and work based learning. Each VET curricula will be composed of competences identified during the analysis of needs and training offers, including lighting-related competences, digital competences, life and green competences. A repository of digital Open Educational Resources (OERs) will be developed, to support the acquisition of the aforementioned types of competences. Using these, a MOOC for acquiring the basic and common competences of the different job role profiles, and a Specialization Training Course including motivational e-learning and face-to-face lectures and a work based learning phase will be offered in France, Italy, Germany and Greece. The project will adopt European instruments in order to improve the recognition of the identified qualifications. Communities of practice that ensure sustainability of results beyond project end will be formed. The project will produce a multitude of diverse outputs and outcomes, printed and online, tangible and intangible, including reports, methodologies and policies, VET curricula, standards, digital content and tools, courses, publications, events and communities. 

Overall, the project is expected to present a serious impact in raising the productivity and results of professionals working in the construction sector, and especially in the areas of exploitation of contemporary technologies, energy saving, and human well-being.


Please find more about the project by visiting the project website.


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