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The activities of the Photometry Laboratory of the NTUA concern:

  • Scientific research (funded and non-funded).
  • Quality assurance tests and measurements on lighting equipment, material and apparratuses.
  • Conduction of seminars about lighting and photometry.
  • Laboratory training of NTUA students.

The technical capabilities of the laboratory are the following:

  • Measurement of luminous flux and luminous efficiency of every type of lamp (incadescent, fluorescent, metal hallide, etc.) with the use of photometric arrangements and standard lamps.
  • Measurement of lamps life-time.
  • Diagrams of polar distribution of luminous intensity.
  • Measurement of efficiency of lighting fixtures.
  • Water-tightness tests on lighting fixtures, under artificial rain.
  • Measurement of glare characteristics of lighting fixtures.
  • Measurement of reflectivity, absorbance and transmittance of several materials.
  • Measurement of sun radiation (intensity and spectral composition).
  • Luminance and illuminance measurements in road and tunnel lighting systems
  • Illuminance measurements on lamps and lighting fixtures.
  • Luminance measurements on surfaces, lamps and lighting fixtures.
  • Measurements of electrical characteristics of ballasts by means of standard ballasts.
  • Tests on lamp receptacles under controled conditions (voltage, temperature, humidity).
  • Colorimetric measurements on lamps and lamp covers.
  • Colorimetric measurements on industrial products (plastics, textiles, etc.).
  • Calibration of instruments and apparratuses with the use of standard lamps.
  • Calibration of photometers with the use of standard lamps.
Lighting Laboratory - Εργαστήριο Φωτοτεχνίας