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The Lighting Laboratory of the NTUA disposes state of the art equipment, unique for greek standards and comparable with the equipment of the best european laboratories. The capabilities for quality control testing and measurements and for research activities are various and numerous.

The main equipment is intended to cover the three main functional activities of the laboratory which are: a) training of NTUA students, b) scientific research (funded or not) and c) support of the greek industries concerning the quality control of lighting products.

The main equipment involves:

  • Digitally controlled goniophotometer for luminous intensity distributions.
  • Spiral goniophotometer for luminous flux of lamps and of small lighting fixtures.
  • 3 integration (Ulbricht) spheres with a diameter of 2.5, 1.0 and 0.25 m respectively.
  • Photometric bench.
  • Artificial rain arrangement.
  • Three chambers with controlable temperature and humidity conditions.
  • Spectrophotometer with monochromator and two sensors for ultraviolet (UV-A, B, C), visible and infrared (IR-A,B), measurements.
  • Spectrophotometer with monochromator for infrared (IR-A,B,C), measurements.
  • Digital spectrophotometer with two diffraction gratings and optical fibers for ultraviolet (UV-A, B, C), visible and infrared (IR-A), measurements.
  • Two photomultipliers.
  • Radiometer with human eye spectral response filter.
  • Sensors for measuring luminous radiation, connectable to computers.
  • Various lux-meters, bench-type and field-type.
  • Luminance-meters, bench-type and field-type.
  • Camera system for road and tunnel luminanance measurements on moving hehicle
  • CRTs luminance meters.
  • Standard lamps (incadescent and metal-halide) calibrated in terms of luminous flux.
  • Standard lamps (incadescent ) calibrated in terms of black body temperature.
  • Standard lamps (fluorescent) calibrated in terms of luminous flux.
  • Standard lamps (fluorescent) calibrated in terms of black body temperature.
  • Standard ballasts 20-250 W.
  • Ultraviolet and infrared lamps.
  • Storage oscilloscopes.
  • Data acquisition systems.
  • A/D converters.
  • Computers, colour inkjet and laser printers, colour scaner, colour plotter et.c.
  • Recording instruments, amplifiers, frequency generators, voltage and current sources.
  • Voltage stabilisers for standard lamps.
  • Photographic equipment and a fully equiped darkroom.
Futhermore, the laboratory disposes state of the art instruments needed for measurements as transformers, voltmeters, ammeters, electric power meters, electric energy meters, cosφ meters, frequency meters, thermometers, recording instruments as well as tools and materials as part of a complete infrastructure. The organic connection of the laboratory with the other laboratories of the Electric Power Division of the NTUA assures the increased capabilities of the Lighting Laboratory to perform measurements and tests on broad aspects.
Lighting Laboratory - Εργαστήριο Φωτοτεχνίας