Nikolaos Bisketzis

Personal Data

Nikolaos V. Bisketzis  was born in Piraeus. He received the Dipl. in Physics from Aristotelio  University of Thessaloniki in 1977  and the PhD Dipl. from the National Technical University of Athens in 2009

Contact information: National Technical University of Athens, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, 9 Iroon Politecniou Street,  157 80 Zografou, Athens, Greece
e-mail: Αυτό το ηλεκτρονικό μήνυμα προστατεύεται από spam bots, θα πρέπει να έχετε ενεργοποιημένη τη Javascript για να το δείτε , tel: +30-21077223506, fax: +30-2107723628.
Current position
  • Researcher at the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens.
  • Teacher in high school.

He has participated to the following projects:

  • "South-East European TSO Challenges (SEETSOC)" (2010-2012), Project number 239453, funded by FP7-ENERGY-2008-TREN-1.
  • "Mikrenergin (improve energy performance of 5 thousands small retail shops in Corfu", Chamber Corfu, Greece (2010-2012).
  • "Energy saving in Municipality of Voula, Attica, Greece " (2009-2010), funded by the Programme "Energy saving in municipalities", National Strategic Reference Framework of Greece.
  • "Renovation of National Garden-Lighting system and WiFi" (2009-2010), funded by the Prefecture of Athens
  • "Design of luminaire for solar photovoltaic system for street lighting" (2009-2010), funded by the Programme "Coupons for innovation", National Strategic Reference Framework of Greece..
  • "Laboratoire virtuel pour éduquer à l' energie durable (Programme Lifelong Learning) ENERG@TIC" (2007-2009) , Intelligent Energy - Europe.
  • "Lighting measurements in tunnels and roads of EGNATIA ODOS, analysis of results, determination of lighting levels and proposals for rational use of energy and optimization of maintenance" (2007-2010), financed by EGNATIA ODOS S.A.
  • Quality assurance services to manufacturers of equipment of lighting installations" (2007-2011), financed by manufacturers of lighting systems.
  • "Quality assurance of lighting equipment" (2007-2011), financed by manufacturers of equipment for lighting installations.
  • "Strategies for development and diffusion of Energy Efficient Distribution Transformers (SEEDT)" (2006-2008), Intelligent Energy - Europe (EIE-SAVE), financed by the European Commission, Directorate-General for Energy and Transport, Intelligent Energy Executive Agency.
  • "Development of a system of automatic adjustment of artificial lighting for the optimized utilization of daylighting" (2005-2007), Programme "Pythagoras", financed by the Operational Programme for Educational and Vocational Training (EPEAEK), European Social Fund, Measure 2.2, Activity 2.2.3.
  • "Development of model for the determination of the photometric parameters of mesopic vision" (2004-2006), Programme "Protagoras" for support of basic research, financed by the Senate Committee for the Basic Research of National Technical University of Athens.
  • "Energy audits in wind farms, small hydroelectric plants, photovoltaic systems, passive solar systems, cogeneration installations, biomass systems and energy saving installations" (2002-08), Energy Operational Programme "Competitiveness" - Measure 2.1.3, financed by the European Regional Development Funds and monitored by the Hellenic Development Company (ELANET).
  • "Quality assurance in the sector of manufacturing lighting equipment " (2002-07), financed by manufacturers of equipment for lighting installations.
  • "Technological support of manufacturers producing lighting equipment" (1999-2004), financed by manufacturers of equipment for lighting installations.
PhD thesis    
  • N. Bisketzis: " Development of  a model  in the mesopic range of vision", PhD thesis, National Technical University of Athens, Athens, 2004.
  • E. Gluskin, F.V. Topalis, I. Kateri, N. Bisketzis: “The instantaneous light-intensity function of a fluorescent lamp”, Physics Letters A, Vol. 353, Issue 5, pp. 355-363, May 2006.
  • E. Gluskin, N. Bisketzis, Y. Ben-Shimol, F.V. Topalis: “The autistic vision problem with light from fluorescent lamps explained in terms of coherence and phase shift”, Medical Hypotheses, Vol. 66, No. 1, pp. 207-208, 2006.
  • N. Bisketzis, G. Polymeropoulos, F. V. Topalis: “A mesopic vision approach for a better design of road lighting”, Word Scientific and Engineering Society Transactions on Circuits and Systems, Vol. 3,  Issue 5, pp. 1380-1385, July 2004.
  • G. Polymeropoulos, N.V. Bisketzis, F. V. Topalis: “A tetrachromatic model for colorimetric use in mesopic vision”, Color Research and Application, Wiley Periodicals,
  • N. V. Bisketzis, P. F. Topalis, C. A. Bouroussis, F. V.Topalis: “Is the fovea vision only photopic?”, Lux Europa 2009, 11th European Lighting Conference, Istanbul, 9-11 September 2009.
  • N.V. Bisketzis, G.I. Polymeropoulos, F.V. Topalis, A. Stockmar: “Mesopic luminance as a combination of photopic and scotopic ones: Some remarks on this approach”, Lux Europa 2005, 10th European Lighting Conference, Berlin, 19-21 September 2005.
  • N.V. Bisketzis, G.I. Polymeropoulos, F.V. Topalis: “Advantages of the mesopic approach for road lighting vs. the traditional photopic considerations”, Lighting in the XXI Century: Midterm Meeting of the Commission Internationale de l’ Eclairage (CIE) and International Lighting Congress, Leon, Spain, 18-21 May 2005.
  • E. Gluskin, F.V. Topalis, N. Bisketzis, A. Peled: “Fluorescent lighting and human vision: A system point of view”, Proceedings of 4th International Conference on Photo-Excited Processes and Applications, Lecce, Italy, 5-9 September 2004.
  • N. Bisketzis, G. Polymeropoulos, F.V. Topalis: “Some remarks on the mesopic vision in comparison with the photopic and scotopic vision”. Proceedings of Iluminat 2003, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 8-9 May 2003.
  • N. Bisketzis, G. Polymeropoulos, M.B. Kostic, F.V. Topalis: “Efficiency of road lighting installations from the point of view of mesopic vision”, Proceedings of the 3rd Mediterranean Conference on Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution, Med Power 2002, Athens, Greece, 4-6 November 2002   
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